• ELCS Athletics Coordinator

     Mr. Buehler Athletics Coordinator: Mr. BuehlerLion
     Tel: (518) 873-6371 Ext.420

    At ELCS our interscholastic athletics program is an integral part of the District’s school educational program. The goals of the Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School Interscholastic Athletic program are to promote:  teamwork and good sportsmanship; responsibility to a commitment; self-discipline; respect for authority; appreciation for individual differences in personalities, and skill levels; physical health and fitness, and lifelong participation in healthy activities.

    In addition to the above goals, modified sports will have as its focus the teaching of fundamental skills and encouraging a broad-based participation regardless of skill level. Student eligibility for participation in interscholastic teams shall include:
    • parent permission
    • authorization by the school’s physician
    • sports contract signed by the student athlete and parent or guardian
    • compliance with the school’s Eligibility Procedure
    • endorsement by the Superintendent based on established rules and MVAC (Mountain Valley Athletic Conference) and State Education Department regulations.

    We make every effort to secure qualified coaches who demonstrate leadership skills, command respect, and have a positive rapport with student athletes. Coaches will be evaluated seasonally.  Additionally, we work to ensure that efforts will be made by coaches to develop continuity in sportsmanship, skill development and game strategy.

    A Note on Sports-Related Injuries: 
    Although the district will take reasonable care to protect student athletes, students may still sustain injuries. In order to most effectively ensure student safety, open communication between students, parents and coaches about the child’s medical condition is critical.
    The athletics coordinator is to see to it that coaches and other district employees required by State Education Department regulations to receive guidance and training regarding recognition of injury and removal of the student athletes from play in the event of injury do, in fact, receive such guidance training, in accordance with State Education Department regulations.
    Parents and/or students are expected to report injuries so that student health can be protected. In order to resume participation following injury, the student needs to receive medical clearance.
    In the event of differences of medical opinion, the definitive voice will be the Board-appointed School Physician, regarding whether or not a student athlete is suitable for medical clearance to resume participation.