• School Safety at ELCS

    Providing a safe and secure learning environment is a priority at Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School. The district employs numerous measures designed to ensure the safety of students and staff:
    • Video cameras are used on school grounds, in school buildings and buses to monitor activity.
    • Faculty, staff, substitutes, volunteers, and interns are issued ID badges that are to be worn at all times.
    • After buses unload in the morning, ELCS is locked and monitored by staff members. Visitors are only permitted to enter through one (1) door at the Main Entrance.  
    • The district partners with local law enforcement agencies who provide on-site school support.
    • The district conducts safety reviews annually to evaluate our safety plans in accordance with New York State Safe School Against Violence in Education (S.A.V.E.) Law.
    • The district conducts fire and emergency safety drills annually.
    The District Safety Plan can be viewed by clicking on the link at the left. Building level safety plans and procedures are confidential and are not posted for public review.