• Technology Support

    What is our role? First and foremost, we are teachers.

    The mission of the Technology Support Team (Mrs. Blaine & Mr. Colby) is to provide daily technology support including operational and maintenance services, information, and assistance focused on customer productivity that is essential to supporting P.R.I.D.E. : Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.

    What does it look like? We are here to help with ELCS Staff and Students with questions related to district technology including: 

    • First line of support for network, hardware, and software troubleshooting (we utilize a ticketing program called Spiceworks that faculty/staff submit requests to and the department "claims" the tickets and addresses the problems.)
    • Support numerous departments websites.
    • Support the cafeteria computer software.
    • Responsible for supporting all elementary, middle, and high school staff needs as well as administrative and support staff needs.
    • Scheduled and emergency technology assistance at the school level.
    • Post social media notifications, this includes Facebook and our website.
    • Setup, configure, and maintain wifi access points.
    • Setup and configure a computer workstation for presentations in the auditorium.
    • Create Network user accounts.
    • Create Google Email accounts for staff, teachers, and students.
    • Setup and create user accounts for students.
    • Maintain technology inventory.
    • Manage enterprise-wide technical systems and provide technical assistance.
    • Provision instructional and information systems to keep staff, students, and parents connected.
    • Security camera support, operations, and installation.
    • Student Management Software configurations (SchoolTool) Create usernames for both students and the parent portal.  Support students, staff, parents, and administrators in their use of SchoolTool. Also, configure/create numerous reports for SchoolTool. Act as direct support to Guidance Couselor and Principal for configuration changes in reports etc.  Produce ineligibility exports at scheduled intervals.
    • Act as liasons between the district and numerous software vendors including NERIC and CVES.
    • Monitor, update, and configure our Smoothwall Internet Filter and Firewall (unblock and block sites at the request of faculty/staff)
    • Provides maintenance, repair and end user support for computers and mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.
    • Requisition Software and productivity tools
    • Classroom presentation systems - Aquos Sharp smart tv, Smartboards, etc.
    • Peripherals (printers, copiers, document cameras, ActivBoards, etc)
    • Network jack activations/installations/punch downs
    • Passwords and configurations for all local and cloud software - this includes programs like Scholastic Reading Counts for all the elementary classes, TypetoLearn, Reflex Math accounts, etc.
    • Wipe/format desktop/laptop machines when necessary.
    • Performs installations and routine upgrades of desktop and network software.
    • Maintain and repair printers, as well as purchasing printers and printer supplies. 
    • Serve as a direct resource to the Principal and Superintendent
    • Perform all other computer or network tasks and projects required to operate a successful school district.

     AND we also teach TWENTY K-12 computer/technology classes!