• Graduation Requirements & Grade Point Averages
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    Honor Roll Averages & Cumulative GPA's Explained


    Honor roll averages are weighted averages.  Calculation of our honor roll takes into account the credit value of each course (.5 for half year, 1.0 for full year), as well as the level of difficulty (regular, regents, or advanced), and is therefore different than the term average that appeared on student report cards. Honor roll averages are calculated to 3 decimal places. 

    There are currently 3 levels of Honor Roll that a student in grades 6-12 can achieve:
    • Honor Roll - 85.000 to 89.000
    • High Honor Roll - 90.000 to 94.000
    • Principal's List - 95.000 - 100.000 

    Cumulative weighted grade point averages (GPA) are calculated the same as honor roll averages, using grades from all classes taken since the first term of ninth grade.  Therefore, ninth grade students will have a cumulative gpa that only includes one term that will match their honor roll average, while seniors will have a gpa that is a weighted average of all courses taken since ninth grade.