• Parent Resources for Alcohol, Tobacco, & other Drug Prevention

    IT’S A FACT: Even in the teen years parents have a huge impact on their children’s behavior, including their teen’s choices about using alcohol and other drugs.

    Resources for Parents and Youth on Healthy Parenting and Healthy Choices with Information About Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

    National Inhalant Prevention Coalition. This site has detailed information for parents on prevention inhalant abuse as well as links to other sites.

    Parents. The Anti-Drug. This is an excellent resource for parents with information on all drugs including alcohol.

    This site has a booklet which is excellent for parenting older teens:” Navigating the Teen Years: A Parent’s Handbook for Raising Healthy Teens”. It can be downloaded at:

    Make a Difference. Talk to Your Child About Alcohol. This is an excellent booklet for parents with children in late elementary and middle school that can be downloaded on the Internet.

    The Cool Spot: Info on Alcohol and Resisting Peer Pressure. This site appeals to late elementary or early middle school youth.

    Above the Influence. This is a very hip and creative site for late middle school and high school youth.